Platform computer game (indie game) which immerses the player in the world of a dark land. A set of rich 3D graphics and a plot full of twists and turns will take you into a truly fantastic reality. Will you help Selma overcome the obstacles and traps?


„Selma and the Wisp” is a platform computer game in which the player takes on the role of a forest firefly leading a small, lost girl through a dark world. This is an adventure and logic game in which, together with the titular Selma, we enter a dangerous land of nightmares.

Selma the main character of the game, is in trouble and needs help. Little is known about her past and family, but one thing is sure – she is a special girl.

The player, travelling together with Selma through this dark land, is transferred to the world of unusual creatures, children’s ideas and fears. Is it possible to survive in such conditions? On your way, you will find numerous traps, surprising riddles and many unexpected turns.


Selma and the Wisp as The Best Indie Game in PGA Awards 2016


You can find our game on STEAM:  STEAM